Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychiatric Medication ManagementNurses Diversified Systems provides psychiatric medication management evaluation and assessment. But what does that really mean? That can sound like a scary, and intimidating thing especially if you have not taken any psychiatric medications before, had bad experiences in the past with medications/treatment, or if you are not sure if medications are the best option for your symptoms. There can be a lot of unknowns! But understanding how a psychiatric practitioner can help you, learning what the phrase “medication management” means and knowing what to expect with your psychiatric assessment visit may reduce any concerns. Understanding this can be one of the most important steps to help get treatment for mental health symptoms.

We will answer all your questions and address all your concerns concerning medication and its management. There are various treatments available that do not require any medication at all. We offer two offices to visit for consultation which are located in Fairbanks and Homer Alaska.

Please call us at (907) 374-0852 to schedule a appointment

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