Tricare Mental Health Therapy Services

Tricare Mental Health Therapy
Tricare Mental Health Services

Service What is it?
PsychotherapyAlso known as “therapy” or “counseling.” TRICARE covers inpatient and outpatient services, including:

Individual sessions
Group sessions
Family/Conjoint sessions
PsychoanalysisTRICARE covers psychoanalysis if your:

Provider has the correct certification.
Treatment is preauthorized.
Psychological Testing & AssessmentTRICARE covers psychological testing and assessment to help diagnose a patient and develop a treatment plan.

TRICARE doesn’t cover psychological testing for academic placement.
Psychotropic DrugsCovered when prescribed by an authorized provider as part of a treatment plan.
Collateral VisitsTRICARE covers collateral visits when needed. These visits are between a provider and a family member or other responsible person.
Psychiatric Medication Management Medication assisted treatment combines medication and mental health therapies for the treatment of substance use disorder.

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